Student Housing


NDI is extremely particular in the off-campus student housing developments that we choose to undertake. Our approach is to create student housing developments which support students’ academic mission. Location (in-fill), design (unit and development) and asset/property management are all critical factors in this regard. The following are the criteria are assessed with every off-campus development opportunity:

Need for Supply?

  • Can we create a competitive advantage through:
    • Location
    • Management
    • Design
  •  Profile of school:
    • Student Body Metrics
    • Enrollment Trends
    • Family Demographics

On Campus

NDI is also well versed in the on-campus sector, understanding that the hallmarks of any on-campus development are supporting the academic mission and affordability. A private partner, in a public-private arrangement, has to bring value to a given transaction. “Time and money” is well-worn phrase, but in this case it applies to what a private partner can contribute both in terms of cost and development process efficiency.

NDI believes that it is absolutely critical that any on-campus development supports the university’s recruiting and retention goals.

NDI is well versed in tax-exempt strategies to accomplish the university’s financial objectives related to on-campus development. Often, the company’s relationships in the capital markets and network of consultants specializing in the student housing sector provide significant benefit. The best on-campus projects are collaborative efforts leveraging both public and private expertise to produce the optimum residential life product.

Conventional/Niche Multifamily

NDI has undertaken sizeable projects that are niche multifamily developments targeted for particular employment sectors. The most prominent has been the company’s development and management of projects in the Permian Basin. NDI successfully met the challenges of developing and operating in these areas that are removed from major population centers. These developments have been characterized by NDI creating competitive advantages where significant barriers to entry exist.


NDI has a 20+ year track record of development and investment in medical office buildings and health care-related properties. Projects completed have run the gamut of medical specialties, primary care and hospital operations. NDI, through its affiliated healthcare company, MedDevelopment, has long-standing relationships with for-profit hospital companies as well as not-for-profit systems.

The company’s wealth of healthcare experience makes it equipped to understand and address the complexities of healthcare real estate development. Through the diversified background of its principals, the company is well versed in the regulatory environment governing hospitals and independent physician practices. The company also has a long track record of structuring use restrictions, ground leases and other unique facets of healthcare real estate.

NDI/MedDevelopment principals bring their own capital to the table, and have vast experience with physician ownership options and hospital/practice joint ventures. The company approaches every transaction as a “clean slate” and avoids “cookie cutter” solutions.