Student Housing


NDI is extremely particular in the off-campus student housing developments that we choose to undertake. Our approach is to create student housing developments which support students’ academic mission. Location (in-fill), design (unit and development) and asset/property management are all critical factors in this regard. The following are the criteria are assessed with every off-campus development opportunity:

Need for Supply?

  • Can we create a competitive advantage through:
    • Location
    • Design
    • Amenities
  •  Profile of school:
    • Student Body Metrics
    • Enrollment Trends
    • Family Demographics

On Campus

NDI is also well versed in the on-campus sector, understanding that the hallmarks of any on-campus development are supporting the academic mission and affordability. A private partner, in a public-private arrangement, has to bring value to a given transaction. “Time and money” is well-worn phrase, but in this case it applies to what a private partner can contribute both in terms of cost and development process efficiency.

NDI believes that it is absolutely critical that any on-campus development supports the university’s recruiting and retention goals.

NDI is well versed in tax-exempt strategies to accomplish the university’s financial objectives related to on-campus development. Often, the company’s relationships in the capital markets and network of consultants specializing in the student housing sector provide significant benefit. The best on-campus projects are collaborative efforts leveraging both public and private expertise to produce the optimum residential life product.