Newsome Development (NDI) has a long-term track record of creating competitive advantages that result in top tier returns for commercial real estate investments. We accomplish this through seeing the path to creating value, firmly establishing that value into the development, and executing the realization of the development.

The Path to Value Creation

By targeting specific economic drivers, NDI can assess real estate development opportunities that align with the strategy of need-based development. We create niches in the market by undertaking developments where we have been able to capitalize on opportunities and situations that are too complex for others to complete.

Establishing Value

Development is not justified if it is just “trading dollars” (value created = cost). True value is created by either identifying a long-term income stream or spread between the development and exit yields.


Complex developments must have a well thought-out plan on how to lock in the income stream, and then move through various stages of entitlement and funding. NDI’s team has years of experience in development, construction, finance and asset management to successfully execute development strategies. Ideas are nothing without execution.